12:04:pm Thursday, 11th August 2022

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From Monday 11th February 2019, school service S261 from Wamboin to Queanbeyan Schools will be including Queanbeyan West Primary School in the service schedule. There will be no change to existing pick-up and drop off times to other schools in the mornings, and only a minor variation to the pick-up time from Queanbeyan High School in the afternoon.

School Bus S261 Morning Service
Current time New time Location
7:25 7:25 Norton & Merino Vale Rd
8:25 8:25 St Gregory’s Macquoid St
8:30 8:30 Karabar High School
8:32 8:32 Queanbeyan South Primary School
8:41 8:41 Queanbeyan High School
8:45 8:45 St Gregory’s Lowe St
8:49 8:49 Queanbeyan Primary School
8:54 8:54 Queanbeyan East Primary School
  9:02 Queanbeyan West Primary School

> View S261 Morning school bus route map

School Bus S261 Afternoon Service
Current time New time Location
3:05 3:05 Queanbeyan East Primary School
3:09 3:09 St Gregory’s Macquoid St
3:20 3:20 Karabar High School
3:23 3:23 Queanbeyan South Primary School
3:25 3:25 St Gregory’s Lowe St
3:27 3:27 Queanbeyan Primary School
  3:33 Queanbeyan West Primary School
3:35 3:39 Queanbeyan High School
4:47 4:51 Weeroona & Norton Rd

> View S261 Afternoon school bus route map