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Qcity Transit/Transborder Express (TBX) prides itself on setting exceptional standards in the delivery of bus safety and comfort. The hirer must accept the following terms and conditions of hire before this booking will be accepted by Qcity Transit/TBX.

1. Passenger Behaviour

  • No food or beverages are to be consumed on the bus/coach.
  • The consumption of alcohol on the bus/coach is strictly prohibited.
  • Smoking is not permitted by law within the bus/coach.
  • The hirer and their accompanying passengers are expected to behave in an acceptable manner.
  • The driver of the bus/coach may, at his/her discretion, stop the vehicle and disembark any passenger(s) engaging in unruly or unacceptable behaviour.

2. Booking Conditions

A completed Debtor form must be returned with the signed quote acceptance or Qcity Transit/TBX will not confirm the booking until it is received. Qcity Transit/TBX will not be held liable if vehicle availability changes prior to Qcity Transit/TBX receiving all relevant paperwork. This only applies to hirers who do not already have an existing account with Qcity Transit/TBX. This includes hirers who were previously customers with Deane’s Buslines/Deane’s Transit Group but who have not chartered with Qcity Transit/TBX since the change of ownership.

Qcity Transit/TBX provides quotes based on information the hirer provides to Qcity Transit/TBX at time of request, or on estimated times or distances where accurate information is not provided. If an itinerary is not provided or changes from the information provided at time of quote, Qcity Transit/TBX reserves the right to alter the price to meet the requirements of the hirer.

Qcity Transit/TBX takes no responsibility for any errors that result from the hirer accepting an incorrect quotation. This includes where the hirer has provided incorrect details for their charter e.g. the wrong pick up date, where the hirer has accepted more than one quote for the same transfer, or where there has been an error in the data entry by a Qcity Transit/TBX team member and the hirer has not checked the quote before accepting it. It is the hirer’s responsibility to read and verify all of the details that appear on the Quotation prior to accepting it. Where the hirer has not circled the “Yes / No” fields provided, it is assumed that the hirer is accepting the Quotation. Qcity Transit/TBX will not be held responsible for any transfers that result from a hirer who intended to Decline the Quotation but did not circle “No” when returning the signed paperwork.

If a customer has received a Booking Confirmation after they indicated their intention to Decline the Quotation, it is the hirer’s responsibility to contact Qcity Transit/TBX and inform them of this error.

A booking is not guaranteed until the customer receives a Booking Confirmation from Qcity Transit/TBX. Where the hirer has not received a Booking Confirmation, either because the hirer has not returned a signed and accepted Quotation or because Qcity Transit/TBX did not receive the signed and accepted Quotation, the hirer is to assume that they do not have a current booking. It is the hirer’s responsibility to contact Qcity Transit/TBX to ensure they have secured their required transfer/s. While Qcity Transit/TBX makes every effort to follow up on all unconfirmed Quotations one business day prior to the transfer date, they are not liable for any charters that are not carried out as a result of a Booking Confirmation not being generated and received by the hirer.

It is the hirer’s responsibility to provide Qcity Transit/TBX with valid details for a nominated contact person for all transfers taking place after business hours, including weekend transfers. Qcity Transit/TBX is not liable for any errors that incur as a result of the driver not being provided with a valid contact person for the charter and being unable to contact the group.

Payment Terms

Full payment for the transfer must be received no less than 7 days, excepting school charter services, before the first date of travel unless otherwise expressed in writing. A bond of up to $500/vehicle may also be charged and is payable no less than 7 days before the first date of travel, unless otherwise agreed. This money will be refunded if there are no damages incurred to the vehicle by the passengers on board, and if excessive cleaning is not required following the charter.

As refunds can take several weeks to be processed through the head office, Qcity Transit/TBX does prefer to hold credit card details for the hirer in lieu of a security deposit. No additional charges will be made to this card other than the pre-payment for the charter cost, if the vehicle returns to the depot in a satisfactory condition.

Additional Costs

  • A fee of $50.00/hour or part thereof may be payable by the hirer if the hours of the transfer exceed those quoted for.
  • Where excess cleaning of the hired vehicle is required following a charter, the $500.00 “bond” may be charged/retained.
  • Where damage is caused to the hired vehicle by the hirer or any of their passengers, the hirer will be charged the cost of the repairs. If the repair costs exceed the $500.00 bond, and this amount was prepaid, then the customer will still be held liable for the remaining cost.

Recovery Costs

Qcity Transit/TBX reserves the right to recover all related costs as a result of vehicle damage, including, but not limited to, repair, administration, vehicle down-time and cleaning costs. Furthermore, the hirer agrees to pay to Qcity Transit/TBX any costs incurred by its solicitors, legal advisors or any other parties acting on the Company’s behalf in respect of any action against the hirer whether for debt recovery or otherwise.


Qcity Transit/TBX must be notified by the hirer of any cancellations. The following fees may be applied:


  • During School Hours/Term a fee of $142.00 may be charged if cancellation is made less than 90 minutes prior to pick up time. Exceptions may be may in the case of inclement weather.
  • Outside School Hours/Term on weekdays a minimum fee of $250.00 may be charged if cancellation is made within 24hrs of pick up time.
  • On weekends or public holidays a minimum fee of $365.00 may be charged if cancellation is made within 24hrs of pick up time.

Reading these Terms and Conditions as hyperlinked in Qcity Transit/TBX’s PDF quotations is the customer’s responsibility. By signing the quotation provided and indicating the intent to proceed with the quotation, the customer is accepting all of the above Terms and Conditions. Where the hirer did not receive the quotation in the form of a PDF, or if the hyperlink did not correctly direct to the Terms and Conditions webpage, the customer is personally responsible for seeking out the Terms and Conditions. This specific requirement is stipulated on the quotation itself. Qcity Transit/TBX will not be held responsible for the hirer’s failure to read these Terms and Conditions before accepting the quotation.