6:17:am Monday, 24th January 2022

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>> >> Notice of changes to Qcity Transit Services as of 25th October 2021 Click here for details


At ComfortDelGro Corporation (CDC) Australia, we care for our people and customers. Our priority is the safety of passengers and employees, especially those on the front-line.

As an operator in a regulated transport industry, we will continue to coordinate closely with government authorities and are taking action around COVID-19 in line with their recommendation and regulation.

For your peace of mind, we have also introduced a number of measures:

Protecting our people

  • Restrictions on travel.
  • Postponement of large-scale events.
  • Remote working solutions including online technology for meetings and daily operations.
  • Access to hand sanitisers.
  • Training on social distancing, hygiene practices and other precautionary measures.
  • CDC has established a national COVID-19 24×7 assistance hotline for all staff, whereby they can access medical advice around COVID-19.


  • We are working in partnership with government to provide public transport services for as long as it is safe and logistically possible to do so.
  • Our drivers have been educated to maintain good hygiene standards including practicing regular hand sanitising.
  • Our vehicles are being cleaned and sanitized more regularly with daily internal clean.
  • Where practicable, implementing social distancing measures on board our buses.

We have not had any incident relating to COVID-19 and for that we are very thankful, but we wish to assure you that we have response plans ready.

We thank you for your continued support and look forward to linking people to places and communities even in these challenging times.

Yours sincerely,

Nicholas Yap

CEO, ComfortDelGro Australia

We would like to inform all of our customers that our fares will be increasing from the 1 January 2020.

This fare increase comes as an opportunity for us to continue to improve our service and continue to help you get around.

Below you will find the updated fare prices, if you have any further questions please contact TravellerInfo on 6299 3722.

We apologise for any inconvenience and we thank you for your understanding.

Qcity Route Services

850 Service Fares ONE WAY RETURN
  Full Fare Concession Full Fare Concession
Bungendore to Queanbeyan $9.00 $4.50 $16.20 $9.00
Bungendore to Civic/Woden $10.60 $5.30 $19.10 $10.60
Bungendore to Googong $5.90 $2.90 $10.60 $5.80
Queanbeyan to Weetalabah $5.30 $2.60 $9.50 $5.20
Queanbeyan to Carlton $8.30 $4.10 $14.90 $8.20
Queanbeyan to Ridgeway $4.70 $2.30 $8.50 $4.60


Qcity Transit Route Services

  Full Fare Concession Full Fare Concession
QBN to Civic / Woden $5.10 $2.50 $12.60 $6.30
Oaks Estate to Civic*** $2.60 $1.20 N/A N/A
Queanbeyan to Kingston $5.10 $2.50 $12.60 $6.30
Queanbeyan to Manuka $5.10 $2.50 $12.60 $6.30
Queanbeyan to Barton $5.10 $2.50 $12.60 $6.30
Queanbeyan to Russell $5.10 $2.50 $12.60 $6.30
Queanbeyan to DFO $3.60 $1.80 $9.60 $4.80
LocalLink $3.60 $1.80 $9.60 $4.80
Bungendore to Queanbeyan $7.60 $3.80 $17.60 $8.80
Bungendore to Civic $10.10 $5.00 $22.60 $11.30
Googong to Queanbeyan $3.60 $1.80 $9.60 $4.80
Googong to Civic/Woden $5.10 $2.50 $12.60 $6.30


Qcity Section Fares

  Full Fare Concession Full Fare Concession
Section 1 to 2 $2.40 $1.20 $7.20 $3.60
Section 3 to 6 $3.60 $1.80 $9.60 $4.80
Section 7 to 15 $5.10 $2.50 $12.60 $6.30
Section 16 to 25 $7.60 $3.80 $17.60 $8.80
Section 26 to 37 $10.10 $5.00 $22.60 $11.30
Section 38 to 56 $15.10 $7.50 $32.60 $16.30
Section 57 to 75 $21.90 $10.90 $46.20 $23.10
Section 76 to 100 $30.70 $15.30 $63.80 $31.90
Section 105 to 125 $40.70 $20.30 $83.80 $41.90
Section 126 plus $50.60 $25.30 $103.60 $51.80


  Full Fare
Local - QBN < > Jerra $1.80
Urban - QBN < > Canberra $2.50
Country $5.00

*** When Oaks Estate residents board in QBN to travel to Civic and show proof of residence

Daily ticket is available for daily travel within the appropriate travel band

Fares authorised by Transport for NSW

Customers, please note that from Christmas Day through to January 2 service times will vary on existing QCity Transit services.

Please view timetables for QCity Transit by visiting the timetable section of www.qcitytransit.com.au

From December 24 2019 to January 2 2020.

Timetable Variations
Tuesday Dec 24 Christmas Eve Normal Timetable
Wednesday Dec 25 Christmas Day No Service
Thursday Dec 26 Boxing Day Sunday Timetable
Friday Dec 27   Reduced services
Services marked with a “y” will not operate
Saturday Dec 28   Saturday Timetable
Sunday Dec 29   Sunday Timetable
Monday Dec 30 &
Tuesday Dec 31
  Reduced services
Services marked with a “y” will not operate
Wednesday Jan 1 New Years Day Sunday Timetable
Thursday Jan 2   Normal Timetable
All services return to normal from 2nd January.


QCity Transit wish to advise that our office hours during the Christmas period are 8:00am to 5:00pm Monday to Friday.

Our office will be closed on Public Holidays.

We are holding three information sessions that will provide an overview of

  • the bus driver recruitment process
  • training requirements and
  • benefits of becoming a driver with Qcity Transit or Transborder Express.

We are an equal opportunity employer and we encourage women and men from within our community including all Indigenous and cultural backgrounds to attend and apply.

Queanbeyan Seminar
Tuesday 3pm & 6pm · Queanbeyan Kangaroos Club
RSVP now on Eventbrite
Canberra Seminar
Wednesday 6pm · Ainslie Football & Social Club
RSVP now on Eventbrite

Qcity Transit wishes to advise customers of changes to the Kookaburra school bus service commencing from Monday 14th October, 2019.

As of Monday 14th October 2019, The Kookaburra school service will no longer pick students up from Merryville Drive in Murrumbateman in the mornings, but will instead travel through Murrumbateman via McIntosh Circuit. This decision has been made in an effort to reduce overall travel time for students, and ensure that the service arrival times at the schools are maintained.

Please note: This is a change to the morning services only

 Time Pick-up Location
7:05 am Yass Depot (Rossi Street)
7:08 am Yass Interchange (Lead Street)
7:24 am Murrumbateman Village
7:30 am Murrumbateman Winery
7:40 am Barton Highway before Briarwood Lane
7:43 am Barton Highway at Spring Range Rd
8:27 am Canberra Girls Grammar (Junior Campus)
8:30 am Canberra Girls Grammar (Senior Campus)
8:34 am Canberra Grammar (Junior Campus)
8:35 am Canberra Grammar (Senior Campus)
8:41 am St Edmund's College/St Clare's College

If you require further information please do not hesitate to contact our SSTS team on 6299 3722.