8:38:pm Thursday, 18th April 2019

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From start of Term 1, 2019

Commencing the first day of Term 1, 2019, school services from Bungendore to Queanbeyan Schools in the mornings and afternoons will be divided into two school services.

In the mornings, school service S153 will continue to transport students to primary schools in Queanbeyan and the new school service S279 will deliver students to Queanbeyan High and Karabar High School via the Queanbeyan Interchange.

In the afternoons, school service S166 will continue to transport primary school students to Bungendore and the new school service S279 will pick-up at Queanbeyan High and Karabar High School to deliver students back to Bungendore via the Queanbeyan Interchange.

These separate service routes have been prepared to ensure that they pick-up and drop-off at all locations that were previously serviced.

If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact the SSTS team on 6299 3722  

Morning services
School Bus S153 (Primary) School Bus S279 (Secondary)
Time Location Time Location
7:38 Elmslea Dr 7:35 Elmslea Dr
7:42 Gibraltar St 7:39 Gibraltar St
7:46 Obourne and Malbon  7:43  Obourne and Malbon 
7:55  Trucking Yard Lane and Kings Highway  7:52  Trucking Yard Lane and Kings Highway 
7:59  Carlton Estate  7:56  Carlton Estate
8:04  Weetalabah  8:01  Weetalabah
8:13  The Ridgeway Bus Shelter  8:10  The Ridgeway Bus Shelter 
8:17  St Gregory’s, Macquoid St Campus  8:15  Queanbeyan Interchange 
8:27  Queanbeyan South Public School  8:22  Karabar High School 
8:32  St Gregory’s, Lowe St Campus 8:30  Queanbeyan High School 
8:37  Queanbeyan Public School     
8:44  Queanbeyan East Public School     


Afternoon services
School Bus S166 (Primary) School Bus S279 (Secondary)
Time Location Time Location
3:05 Queanbeyan East Public School 3:15 Karabar High School
3:08 St Gregory’s, Macquoid St Campus 3:23 Queanbeyan High School
3:15 Queanbeyan Public School 3:31 Queanbeyan Interchange
3:18 St Gregory’s, Lowe St Campus 3:45 Weetalabah
3:23 Queanbeyan South Public School 3:55 Carlton Estate
3:35 Weetalabah 4:03 Gibraltar St
3:45 Carlton Estate 4:11 Elmslea Dr
3:53 Gibraltar St    
4:01 Elmslea Dr